I’d like to meet the person/people responsible for Candy Crush Saga.





    I’d like to shake their hand(s) for creating such a fine game.

    Then, I’d like to kick them in the fucking kneecap for coming up with The Bubbles.

    And the bombs..

    And the double-layered bubbles.

    And the game…

    And that fucking tune that’s been in my head for months WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT IT’S SO CATCHY




    Everyone who reblogs this will get the title of a book to read based on their bio/posts.

    Everyone. I mean it.




    they really do mean everyone


    (GREEK MYTHOLOGY series):

    Persephone was a beautiful Goddess Queen of the Underworld, wife of the god Hades. She was also the Goddess of Spring Growth, who was worshiped alongside her mother Demeter.
    Once upon a time when she was playing in a flowery meadow with her Nymph companions, she was abducted by Hades and carried off to the underworld as his bride. Her mother Demeter despaired at her disappearance and searched for her throughout the world accompanied by the goddess Hecate bearing torches. When she learned that Zeus had conspired in her daughter’s abduction she was furious, and refused to let the earth fruit until Persephone was returned. Zeus consented, but because she had tasted the food of Hades (a handful of pomegranate seeds) she was forced to forever spend a part of the year with her husband in the underworld. Her annual return to the earth in spring was marked by the flowering of the meadows and the sudden growth of the new grain. Her return to the underworld in winter, conversely, saw the dying down of plants and the halting of growth. (x)

    Satan by Gustave Doré in Paradise Lost.

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    I Am Not The Other Woman. I Am Another Voice.


    On Saturday I came across an article on The Mary Sue reporting on Tess Fowler who had spoken up about some creepy treatment she’d received years ago at a convention. As I read the article, it seemed familiar to me. Not the specifics, but the tone. I thought it sounded very much like someone I…


    Malapascua Island, Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda by Edmund JY Porter 

    This is me, begging for your help.

    Those of you who have been following this blog for a while will know that Malapascua has essentially been my second home since 2011. I’ve worked with the Thresher Shark Research and Conservation Project, and with Green Fins on the island, and used to live at the top end of the beach in this photo. The buildings in the top photo are houses and businesses of my friends, places I’ve eaten, locations of many a merry night. I can’t even wrap my head around it. 

    Like so many other places in the Philippines, it has been absolutely devastated by the typhoon, the strongest to ever make landfall in recorded history. 90% of buildings are completely written off. Miraculously, or thankfully to excellent preparation, there are no reports of casualties or fatalities, however today is the first day that aid has been able to reach the island. 

    Due to the damage from the storm, the hardest hit places have been without power, phone signal, or road access since Friday, a cruel irony that aid is hardest to deliver to the places that need it the most. 

    The typhoon made landfall six times, and we’re only gaining a glimpse of the extent of the damage now. Already over 10,000 people are feared dead. And communication hasn’t even been set up with some affected areas, this number is only going to rise. 

    It is heartbreaking, that hundreds and thousands of people have no shelter, food or electricity. My family is still waiting to hear from my cousin and her family in Leyte, and our house in the North of Cebu is wrecked.

    I consider myself exceptionally lucky, and yet I feel totally hopeless unable to go to these places. 

    I cannot overstate the level of destruction that we’re seeing. It’s war-like. It’s all I can do to not cry. So I’m going to do the only thing I can, beg for your help. Filipinos are resilient and resourceful, and as a nation, we’ll pick ourselves up and get on with it, but we desperately need your help to get there. 

    Please donate. Please. 

    You have so many options. You can donate to a general fund like the Red Cross, be it in your country or directly to Philippines:

    You can donate directly to Malapascua, details here:

    I will continue to post, battery life allowing, more updates and options for aid. 

    There are people out there who won’t be paying close attention, because it doesn’t directly affect them. I could even name a few friends of mine. There are some who think the scale of the disaster has been sensationalised. I can assure you it has not.  

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